IPMI trick: Set the boot device

I’ve long known that you can use IPMI (on compatible systems) for some nice lights-out management, like power control or reading system information that you’d see in the BIOS. But one thing that has always annoyed me is having to get a remote console on the box and wait for just the right second to press the right key to bring up the screen where I can change boot order.

Lo and behold, this is an IPMI feature! It’s implemented at least on some IBM servers I’m working with:

mawagner ~ $ ipmitool -H -U USERID chassis bootdev
bootdev <device> [clear-cmos=yes|no]
bootdev <device> [options=help,...]
none : Do not change boot device order
pxe : Force PXE boot
disk : Force boot from default Hard-drive
safe : Force boot from default Hard-drive, request Safe Mode
diag : Force boot from Diagnostic Partition
cdrom : Force boot from CD/DVD
bios : Force boot into BIOS Setup
floppy: Force boot from Floppy/primary removable media
mawagner ~ $ ipmitool -H -U USERID chassis bootdev cdrom
Set Boot Device to cdrom

It appears that this will override settings on the next boot, but not make a persistent change. (You can, however, set the ‘persistent’ option.) Using bootdev none options=help lists out the available options, some of which are pretty interesting.

4 thoughts on “IPMI trick: Set the boot device

  1. Is there any way to determine what the default boot disk is? I have a system running with multiple OS images, and I’d like to select a particular image for the next reboot. If so, it possible to alter the default via ipmitool?

    • ipmitool -H Server1 -U -P chassis bootparam get 5
      will give you the
      Boot Device Selector : Force Boot from Floppy/primary removable media
      which tells you the default boot devices is been set to

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