Another Link Roundup

A haphazard assortment of interesting (to me) links:

  • Someone on the ntp-pool list shared a blog post about building a stratum 1 NTP server with a Raspberry Pi and a GPS. I should see about trying this with my existing OnCore UT+ receiver…
  • Adobe posted a series of downloads with license keys for Creative Suite 2 (CS2). The Internet collectively freaked out that they were “giving away” the products for free. On their forums, though, Adobe’s stance was decidedly less generous, pointing out that the products are 7 years old and intended only for existing customers.
  • Another story about John McAfee: The bizarre tale of John McAfee, spymaster. I’ve come to take his statements with a grain of salt (but not bath salts) after he himself has referred to existing comments he’s made as pranks, or “the most tongue-in-cheek thing in the fucking world.”
  • California’s Jonathan Frieman was pulled over for driving alone in an HOV lane and issued a citation. But as this article explains, he wasn’t really alone — he had the articles of incorporation for a corporation he had filed in his passenger seat. The case was meant to challenge corporate personhood, though it didn’t quite strike down that ruling.
  • Suds for Drugs is a long but fascinating article exploring a rash of laundry detergent thefts in Maryland, uncovering an underground economy in which Tide is a currency.
  • Ruby 2.0.0-rc1. Oh my gosh.
  • Shocking no one — except perhaps record executives — a recent study has found that censoring pirate sites doesn’t work. It concludes by recommending that content creators “follow a complementary strategy of reducing the demand for pirated content, e.g., by providing legitimate offers that are more attractive to consumers than pirating content.”

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