More links: Rails 4 tutorials, ultrawide monitors, security, and more

Time for another of sporadic roundups of interesting reads on the Internet.

  • LG’s 29EA93-P 29″ monitor, 2560×1080, about $700. (At NewEgg, for example.) It’s quite an odd aspect ratio, and you’d save a lot of money and get a lot more screen real estate by buying a pair of 1920×1080 monitors. (For those too lazy to do the the math, 2560×1080 is equivalent to two 1280×1080 monitors side-by-side.) But, two 1920×1080 23″ monitors side-by-side is almost too wide sometimes, and you get that annoying double-bezel in the middle. So despite all that’s rational, I can’t help but crave this thing.
  • RailsCast #400 – What’s New in Rails 4. This is now four months old today, so I guess I’m behind the times. But if you haven’t seen it before, it’s a really interesting look at the next Rails.
  • There’s also an e-book linked from this week’s Ruby Weekly, Upgrade to Rails 4, if a deeper dive is worth paying a few bucks for.
  • And as mentioned in the RailsCast, there’s a great Rails 4 link compilation on the WyeWorks blog. (I will confess that I’ve only read a minority of them thus far.)
  • A major remote exploit was discovered in PostgreSQL. Fixed versions were released today. As an interesting aside, they went to some unusual lengths to avoid disclosing the attack before a fix was released.
  • On the subject of security, Code Climate came out with an interesting blog post last week, Rails’ Insecure Defaults: 13 Security Gotchas You Should Know About. There’s several in there that I found surprising and alarming, so this is really a must-read. The comments are also interesting — if you skip over the anti-Rails trolls, there’s discussion of some additional things to be mindful of. (Code Climate’s Security Monitor looks pretty interesting and useful as well.)
  • I assume most of you are familiar with Coursera. (If not, oh my gosh, go there now.) What I wasn’t aware of until I clicked some wrong links somewhere was Stanford Online which has a bunch of free courses online. (Many, but not all, are through Coursera.)

Oh, and to close out on a lighter note… I saw this the other day: Build to Fail, Fail to Build. What is this I don’t even….., in which a forum member chronicles his landlord’s attempts to build a “shed,” despite an apparent complete lack of requisite skills. Don’t miss the photo updates on page 5, 7, 11, and 17.

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