Another Link Roundup

A haphazard assortment of interesting (to me) links:

  • Someone on the ntp-pool list shared a blog post about building a stratum 1 NTP server with a Raspberry Pi and a GPS. I should see about trying this with my existing OnCore UT+ receiver…
  • Adobe posted a series of downloads with license keys for Creative Suite 2 (CS2). The Internet collectively freaked out that they were “giving away” the products for free. On their forums, though, Adobe’s stance was decidedly less generous, pointing out that the products are 7 years old and intended only for existing customers.
  • Another story about John McAfee: The bizarre tale of John McAfee, spymaster. I’ve come to take his statements with a grain of salt (but not bath salts) after he himself has referred to existing comments he’s made as pranks, or “the most tongue-in-cheek thing in the fucking world.”
  • California’s Jonathan Frieman was pulled over for driving alone in an HOV lane and issued a citation. But as this article explains, he wasn’t really alone — he had the articles of incorporation for a corporation he had filed in his passenger seat. The case was meant to challenge corporate personhood, though it didn’t quite strike down that ruling.
  • Suds for Drugs is a long but fascinating article exploring a rash of laundry detergent thefts in Maryland, uncovering an underground economy in which Tide is a currency.
  • Ruby 2.0.0-rc1. Oh my gosh.
  • Shocking no one — except perhaps record executives — a recent study has found that censoring pirate sites doesn’t work. It concludes by recommending that content creators “follow a complementary strategy of reducing the demand for pirated content, e.g., by providing legitimate offers that are more attractive to consumers than pirating content.”

John McAfee Hides in Cardboard Box


In what sounds more like a drug-fueled hallucination than an actual news story, John McAfee, of McAfee anti-virus fame, is on the run after his neighbor in Belize turned up dead. He maintains his innocence, but believes that the police have a vendetta against him, so he has slept on lice-infested beds and hidden in cardboard boxes buried in the sand. Wait, what?